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The Team

Founder: Denis Roberts
Strategic Partner: Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas
Strategic Partner: Professor Barry Curnow
Strategic Partner: Professor Steven Gans
Executive Partner: Martin Down
Executive Partner: Dr Dan Kaufman
Executive Partner: Clare Maberly
Executive Partner: Mike Nott
Personal Business Coach: Sigrid de Kaste

Team Membership

We are also currently in the process of recruiting a team of top-flight practitioners.

The Networking Firm Network is for you if you are a team player and also want to build your own fully independent virtual firm from within a team framework; and within a network and community of virtual firms that collectively function as an action-learning organisation.

You will have a distinct area of expertise and authority in your subject area and enjoy imparting your knowledge via any combination of mentoring / supervising action research / consultancy within your area of expertise.  This will be coupled with a strong desire to keenly participate within the wider The Networking Firm Network Business Action Learning Forum and Community; and to use this as a multi-media publishing platform and vehicle to grow your own authority.

You are likely to be devoted to learning through deciding / doing / teaching; and to thrive on the energy that comes from combing and collaborating; from being of service; and from constantly seeking higher levels of excellence and personal service.

You are also likely to be an avid learner / teacher / advocate and keen to get your hands on the very latest in non-human / human automating technology and to build your own personal network and action learning organisation through which to share your learning.

You will be eager to have a chance to apply and really learn how to use the technology; to build the necessary infrastructure to underpin your own transition and transformation from wherever you happen to be on the journey from dependent employee / semi-independent sole practitioner to progress into a fully independent virtual firm with your own fully individualised business practice; and ultimately to interdependence and to building your own associate networks and corporate business and organisation infrastructure.

You will also be capable of becoming equipped to guide others, accordingly, and from wherever you happen to be on your own particular journey.

You will be aware of the learning and mentoring commitment involved; and that virtual organisation brings with it much higher levels of uncertainty and complexity; which, in turn, call for correspondingly high levels of synthesis and integration for both organisation and leadership to master.

This, in turn, calls for significant increasing levels of expertise in knowing how and where to strategically target support and development at key learning points in each particular individual’s personal / team / organisation / community learning journey.

How to Apply

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining the team please forward a resume personally to denis.roberts@ntwkfirm.com, which articulates:

a)       Where the primary purpose of your work figures in your life as a whole?

b)       Where you consider you are of most service?

c)       What impassions you?

How the combination of purpose; passion; and being of service results in your heightened productivity?