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There are two levels of membership:

Free membership:

Open to sole practitioners interested in keeping abreast of latest developments in building a fully independent firm and associate network; but not quite ready to take the plunge:

a)       A free entry in the network business directory (This is offered on the basis of trust and The Networking Firm is not in a position to vouch for the validity of any entries.)

b)       Free advertising

c)       15% 2-way finders fee (earn 15% on any direct personal referrals to The Networking Firm events / pay 15% on any goods and services resulting from a free advertisement, that go to completion)

d)       Access to certain training and development and educational events.

By subscribing to The Networking Firm on registration you are also subscribing to Free Membership.

Full Membership:

a)       Fully optimised 6 page WordPress 3.0 site (with scope for additional pages)

b)       Access to state-of-the-art virtual organisation technology (videoconferencing network; video-messaging; video-blogs etc; as well as support / virtual services).

c)       Full access to training and education events.   Many events will also count as modules that carry an accreditation option towards a set of internationally recognised postgraduate qualifications via a centre of excellence (postgraduate certificate, diploma, MA, MSc).

d)      Special discounts on certain events.

e)       Opportunity to participate in Community Credit / Skills Swap Scheme designed to accelerate journey from learning to earning and enable a much faster move towards increased independence; plus also generate relevant accreditation data and testimonials that can also be tied in with existing informal and formal accreditation systems.

f)       Team-building opportunities for both support and development; and project purposes.

g)      General networking opportunities with like-minded people.

Full membership by application only (please see bottom of page for application link):

You are likely to be devoted to learning through deciding / doing / teaching; and to thrive on the energy that comes from combing and collaborating; from being of service; and from constantly seeking higher levels of excellence and personal service.

You are also likely to be an avid learner / teacher / advocate and keen to get your hands on the very latest in non-human / human automating technology; and to share your learning.

You will be eager to have a chance to apply and really learn how to use the technology; to build the necessary infrastructure to underpin your transition and transformation from wherever you happen to be on the journey from dependent employee / semi-independent sole practitioner to progress into a fully independent virtual firm with your own fully individualised business practice.

You will be aware of the learning commitment involved; and that virtual organisation brings with it much higher levels of uncertainty and complexity; which, in turn, call for equally high levels of synthesis and integration for both organisation and leadership to master … calling for significant increases in learning how to seek strategically targeted support and development at key learning points in your own particular personal / team / organisation / community learning journey.


Please apply by email to applications@ntwkfirm.com stating:

a) Your area of specialism?

b) What brings you to the learning community?

c) What you consider you most have to contribute?

d) What you personally want to come away with?