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The Networking Firm is both a sole trading business entity and a corporate organisation and network.  The firm represents a new business model in which the individual forms the fundamental business unit; and then uses a combination of strategic partnership and virtual organisation to network associate networks as a process for generating corporate learning infrastructure; and for growing the firm.

This is an organisation design-led process that uses virtual architecture to create learning spaces.  As an organisation, The Networking Firm is divided into three closely integrated corporate units:

a)       The Networking Firm

b)       The Networking Firm Network

c)       The Networking Firm School of Professional Business Practice

The Networking Firm is a consulting firm and virtual organisation that specialises in future organisation and corporate learning.  Denis Roberts founded the firm in 1996 when he teamed up with Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas and Professor Barry Curnow to bring their three independent practices under the same virtual roof; and to deliver a wider range of bespoke solutions.

The Networking Firm Network is a private members club and Business Action Learning Forum and Community for sole practitioners who want to team up and use peer mentoring / teamwork / and individualised action learning to build strategic mentoring skills for developing the necessary skills-set to organise and lead a fully independent and individualised practice; and to make the transition from a “semi-independent / generalised niche practice” into a “fully independent virtual business and completely individualised practice”.

The Networking Firm School of Professional Business Practice. The Networking Firm plans to have the majority of its training, development and educational events accredited by The Professional Development Foundation; and to count as modules towards the PDF/ Middlesex University Institute of Work-based Learning’s set of internationally recognised postgraduate qualifications in Professional Development. In time, The Networking Firm will also create its own corporate qualifications via The Professional Development Foundation.

The first two modules in the process of being accredited are:

a) One year Individualised Action Research Project Into Professional Business Practice (Action Research Project)
b) Six week Action learning Workshop: “”Tackle what is holding you back from realising your true talent” (Case Study)

A hallmark of The Networking Firms Programmes will be that they integrate business / organisational / academic / professional / leadership strands to add strategic and entrepreneurial dimensions to professional practice education.

As an organisational response to moving into the arena of postgraduate qualifications, The Networking Firm has also created a new unit: The Networking Firm School of Professional Business Practice.
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