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Executive Partner: Dr Dan Kaufman

Dan is a Leadership Coach and Consultant specializing in the development of collaborative cultures and the ability to use collaborative structures as a vehicle for responding to the ever greater complexity the world demands of us.

Dan applies these skills in his work with organizations, leaders, educators, and communities. He believes that the path to success in our professions and greatness in our lives moves along a path from isolation to working in Triads, to developing organizations and networks and to eventually being part of a larger community whose focus is inspiring the best in each of us for the purpose supporting the best in all.

The basic building block of his work is helping individuals to form Triads in which members come to experience the power of creating a container in which each person has the space to express their unique gifts, develop the ability to honor the gifts of others and understand that out of this expression and honoring arises openings for creativity, innovation and accomplishments that no individual member could accomplish by themselves. This path is one that flows from connecting to collaboration to creativity and finally commitment borne from the desire of all involved to succeed.

Dan offers his skills as a mentor and consultant with the knowledge that what is important is for individuals to discover this path through personal reflection and relationship building. He sees himself not as a teacher but rather someone that shines a light on a path that leads to a confluence of ideas, the development of powerful relationships and the resultant success of all involved.

Dan’s background is in psychology, education, community development and mental health. He holds a master’s degree in psychology, completed doctoral work in psychology and holds a doctorate in educational leadership. He has worked in non-profits, public education and for profit settings.

Current endeavors include:

Principal at Integral Potential Coaching and Consulting

Leadership Coach and Consultant Supporting Change in the Seattle Public Schools

Board President and Co-Founder Seeds4Success a non-profit serving the disabled

Past Experiences and Training

District Level Administrator for Public Education Systems

Training in Facilitative Leadership, Integral Coaching, Tribal Leadership, Immunity to Change Process and Leadership Agility


Seattle University – Doctorate Educational Leadership

University of Southern California – Doctoral work in Psychology

California State University Northridge – Master’s in Psychology

Harvard University – Immunity to Change