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Background: I am female; 55; financially independent; Director of a small commercial property company; and manage my own portfolio.

I have a chronic illness and therefore spend a lot of time working from home alone and it is often hard to get motivated.

Denis inspired me when I did not know what to focus on in my working life.

We reflected on my strengths to re-connect with:

a) my good qualities?
b) how I have used them in the past?
c) how I might use them in the future?

This inspired me … in that it excited me … with an awareness of new possibilities … and how I could now focus on my strengths, which Denis had helped me highlight and be aware of … therefore giving me back the confidence I had lost.

This motivated me to do certain things and move on in my working life.

The key word being motivated by the actions inspired by questions a) b) and c)”

Private Client

I would like to thank you for the four one-hour sessions we recently had together . At the beginning, I was really, really low on confidence as well as being confused and frustrated about my struggles getting back into work. The mentoring which you gave me renewed my confidence and gave me a clear vision about what I needed to do. Your help was very valuable to me and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other people who are at crossroads professionally. Again many thanks for your massive support.

Private Client

Denis is an incredible coach with exceptional insight. His method of asking questions and guiding during a coaching session quickly allows his client to unearth the issues at hand. From the first appointment, practical solutions are found for some issues, while assignments are given to dig deeper into other issues. It is a wonderful opportunity and experience to work with him!

Gunes Yilmaztuerk
Chief Marketing Officer, Sollé Coaching

I am pleased to recommend Denis as a brilliant strategic thinker and group dynamic theorist. I worked with Denis as his Professor and Supervisor, on his MA project and have continued our association over many years. I have enjoyed seeing Denis develop his skills in group analysis as applied in the business context and can recommend him to lead any project in this area.

Prof. Steve Gans
The Networking Firm (colleague)

It has been my privilege to work with Denis over the last 10 years. He has a very lively and enquiring mind and innovative approaches to problem solving. He has a genuine interest in people and their personal and professional development. As a mentor he knows exactly the right questions to ask, he listens with great interest and he helps mentees successfully navigate their options. In addition, and just as importantly, he has an amazing sense of fun that he brings to the team and the task

Kathy Whymark (strategic partner)
University of Luton Business School

I have known and collaborated with Denis Roberts through The Networking Firm for many years. He is a thoughtful and sensitive counsellor and coach.

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
The Networking Firm (colleague)

“I have known and respected Denis's work for some fifteen years and worked with him in many different capacities following his participation in the Maresfield Curnow General Management Consulting Skills Programme. Subsequently he became a client, colleague, business partner, valued professional speaking partner and coach/consultant/friend. In particular his work on third age transition, career counselling in its different facets, coaching and mentoring are fresh and exciting. His company the Networking Firm was and remains an innovative and creative venture with which I am glad to be in continuing association.”

Prof. Barry Curnow
The Networking Firm (colleague)