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My name is Denis Roberts.  I am a sole trader and sole practitioner with a passion for virtual organization.  My core  expertise is in strategic mentoring; vocational mentoring; strategic partnership;  designing corporate learning infrastructure; and developing fully individualized professional business practices.

The Networking Firm is an action research project in virtual organization and in perfecting a new business model in which the individual forms the fundamental business unit; and,  as a sole trader and sole practitioner,  uses virtual and networked organization to  grow a corporate business and learning organization.  This is achieved  through a combination of strategic partnership and networking associate teams,  organizations,  and networks.

About Us: Organizational Structure

The Networking Firm is a hierarchical structure with the following roles:

-          Strategic Partner

-          Executive Partner

-          Associate Consultant

-          Affiliate Consultant (Practitioners working towards the entry level MA)

About Us: The Team