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Professor Steven Gans: Strategic Partner

Steven Gans, Private Practice

Professor Steven Gans is a Strategic Mentor and Business Coach, a Philosopher, a Psychotherapist and a Network Marketer.

He is a Strategic Partner of The Networking Firm.

He is Associate Professor of Philosophy at The American Public University System (APUS).

(His latest blog post: http://onlinecareertips.com/2014/02/we-need-philosophy-in-the-workplace/)

He practices counselling at the Arizona Sage Center for Psychotherapy: http://www.arizonasagecenter.com/

He is an Elite Associate with Talk Fusion a Business Communication Company.

He began his career as an Academic Philosopher receiving his Ph.D. from Penn State University and began teaching at a small New England College.

His interest in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophic Practices led him to study Psychoanalysis in London, England under the world famous Existential Psychoanalyst R.D. Laing. Dr. Gans practiced Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and worked as an Executive Coach for over 25 years.

(Recently he co-organized the R.D.Laing Commemorative Symposium in New York City: http://www.rdlaing2013symposium.com/p/conference-registration.html)

Dr. Gans founded the first MA Program in Humanistic Counseling and Psychotherapy in the U.K. at Antioch University, London. He founded and directed the University of Maryland’s Study in London Program and he also founded and was Chairman of the London branch of The Institute for Management Studies (IMS).

He has written extensively for academic journals and books and lectured on Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Counseling and Coaching.

His book, co-authored with Dr. Leon Redler, Just Listening: Ethics and Therapy (2000,Xlibris Press) develops and expands the Laingian tradition from a post-modern perspective.

He wrote The Little book of Goodness (2003,Booklocker Press) an introduction to ethical practice.