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An event refers to any activity, service or product that you wish to advertise.

Advertising is free.  Any sale that results from adverting via The Networking Firm Network is subject to a 2-way 15% Finder’s fee i.e. if you personally refer someone to a The Networking Firm Event and this results in a sale then you will earn 15% commission. Personal referrals will only be accepted by a direct and personal email to me at referrals@ntwkfirm.com.

Commission is only payable once full payment has gone through; and is refundable in the event of a refund on the original purchase.

To place a request for an advertisement please complete the request form below. It is particularly important that you complete the “Initials” field, as this will be used to create an internal email address for tracking purposes.

In reply to your request; and so long as your an advertisement has been accepted for posting; your post will then be returned to you together with your unique internal email address.

The issue of your internal email address then signals that you have been granted permission to post your an advertisement on the Events Notice Board and your individual virtual firm site.

Posting must be done purely by copy / paste and in the precise form that opportunity is returned to you; and without any adaptation by you.

The community postings; the two-way finders fee; and the community credit system are all based on trust. Any attempts to interfere with tracking will result in instant dismissal.

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