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Vocational Mentoring

“Do you know what you want to do … and how to take your first step?”

- Are you at a major crossroads in your life … and need to be clear what you want to do?
- Able to identify and structure the key decisions you face … that will define you … and the course of your life?
- Aware of the issues you will first need to tackle … and what your first step will be?

Vocational mentoring addresses the key question “Do you know what you want to do?” And provides a framework of attention; focus and support to facilitate your decisions … accompany you on your journey of transition and transformation … and enable you to put a life changing decision into action. Vocational mentoring is relevant to almost any key business, organisational, and personal decision – and is particularly valuable to executives, consultants and academics making the third age transition from leadership roles in large-scale organisations to becoming an independent consultant and building a portfolio career.

A six one-to-one session programme at one hour per week, with an option for ongoing mentoring

Denis Roberts comes from a background in organisational psychology. The principles and processes of Vocational Mentoring originate from his research into how we create personal authority and direction through the way we structure decisions; carried out with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, as a post-graduate student. And, over the years, these principles and processes have been refined through his practice. He is a trained work counsellor and a certified management consultant (CMC) with the former IMC. He is also Founder of The Networking Firm, formed together with strategic partners: Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas and Prof. Barry Curnow.

Click Here:  To book a 30-minute vocational mentoring assessment session at no cost.  The purpose of the session will be to discuss your requirements and to enable us to mutually decide whether or not there will be value in our working together.