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Tackle the constraints that are holding you back?

As a sole practitioner (consultant, coach, mentor) are you feeling the strain of being undervalued, overwhelmed and isolated?

If the answer is YES, to any or all of the above then this workshop is for you.

Identifying self-limiting factors:

- By pinpointing precisely where the issue exists and how it is impacting

- By also establishing whether or not it is operating at more than one level

- You will then have arrived at the specific turning point from which to lead the change

The power of turning points:

- By locating the precise turning point you will have arrived at the specific attitude and behaviour that requires change

- This then needs translating into that small single action that will have sufficient impact to carry through the necessary personal change and unleash your true talent

The aim of the workshop journey:

- To tackle what is holding you back from releasing your true talent

- To put an action plan in place that will enable you to make the change journey and achieve your goal

- To support and develop participants through a range of mentoring approaches designed to develop independent professional business practice.

Workshop outcome:

- Be valued at a higher level by peers and clients than you thought possible

- Be providing a higher and more individualised level of value and service

- Enjoy participating in an invigorating and supportive peer community

The team:

- Prof. Steven Gans is an entrepreneurial coach supervisor.

- Clare Maberly is an occupational psychologist and specialist in talent development.

- Denis Roberts is an organisational psychologist and specialist in leadership and organisation.

Together, they are a specialist action-learning team who will be providing continuous mentoring and mentoring training throughout the programme.


A four-week action learning mentoring development programme (blending a one day face-to-face event, online and videoconferencing delivery  (with 3 x 1 per week follow on group supervision sessions).  Workshops are limited to 12 places and filled in order of registration, with available dates being given at the time.

Location: London UK

Dates: One day face-to- face event followed by 3 x 1 per week online group supervision sessions.  Dates to be announced.

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The Learning Business Community

The Networking Firm Network is a private members club and action learning community for independent sole practitioners (consultant, coach, mentor) developing fully independent and interdependent business practices.  Our ethos is one of mutual development and support through entrepreneurial mentoring, teamwork and an action-learning community.