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Developing Directors: A Handbook for Building an Effective Boardroom Team by Colin Coulson-Thomas

Author: Colin Coulson-Thomas

“Colin Coulson-Thomas’ timely book “Developing Directors” provides the most authoritative and comprehensive guidance for director and boardroom development. It is particularly useful for chairmen, presidents, directors and all those who counsel, coach and support them in both the public and private sectors as well as voluntary organisations.”
Dr Madhav Mehra, President, World Council for Corporate Governance

“Coulson-Thomas brings together apparently disparate strands into a convincing whole. He shows that the corporate journey need not be tedious, but instead stimulating and worthwhile, and yes, even fun.”
Peter Waine, Chief Executive, Hanson Green

“‘Developing Directors’ with its guidance, exercises and checklists provides company chairmen, board directors and people who consult and train at board level with essential advice and practical tools for enhancing directorial contribution. Independent directors will find it a useful introduction to the world of company direction and a valuable guide to what they and colleagues can do to add more value.”
Ian Davies, Chairman, The Independent Director

Developing Directors is essential reading for chairmen and directors, consultants and trainers charged with the task of developing dynamic boardroom teams to lead the organizations of today. It draws upon the author’s extensive experience of working with directors and boards, is packed with exercises and checklists which have been specifically designed for boardroom participation, and provides practical advice on identifying and developing the qualities, competencies, and approaches needed for greater directorial contribution, board effectiveness and corporate success.

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas an experienced chairman of award winning companies has advised the boards of over 100 companies on how to improve board and/or corporate performance, reviewed the processes and practices for winning business of over 100 companies, and presented at over 200 national, international and corporate events in 35 countries. He is a member of the Professional Accreditation Committee and Board of Examiners of the UK Institute of Directors and the ACCA Governance and Risk Management Committee.

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