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A Glimpse Into The Power Of Virtual Organisation

The purpose of this paper is to introduce you to state-of-the-art cutting edge global online business practices. This will provide you with an overview of leading edge practice together with a clear picture of the ingredients that it takes to build a successful online business.

© The Networking Firm – By Denis Roberts, Doreen Milano and Steven Gans

Business leaders learn how to turn their organisation into a cause: Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas

An account of Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas’s recent address to the 5th Global Conference on Social Responsibility in Lisbon. The conference was organised by the World Council for Corporate Governance in association with India’s Institute of Directors’ Centre for Social Responsibility. It was held at the Hotel Radisson Blu in Lisbon. Speakers included business and political [...]

How to purchase precisely the website you seek: Denis Roberts

A Guide for the non-tech-savvy person on how to purchase precisely the website you seek There are four key criteria that any new web site will need to satisfy: 1) Is the appearance of the web site likely to be instantly attractive to the specific client to whom it is aimed? 2) Is the purpose [...]

Rock And A Hard Place: Denis Roberts

The dilemma. Do I continue to seek employment in a receding job market or pursue the sometimes rocky and longer road to building a secure and independent business? Any of us who have faced; are facing; or have been through redundancy will know that resolving this key dilemma will be one of your first major [...]

Developing dynamic boardroom teams: Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas

An account of Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas’s recent talk “Developing Dynamic Top Level Teams” given to the HR Leaders Club at the Herbert Morrison Room of the Marriott County Hall on London’s South Bank.  A talk which led to a lively to the debate on the question “Is there still a role for HR Directors on [...]

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