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Strategic Mentoring

“Facing a Key Decision … Do you know what you want to do … and have the strategy to achieve it?”

Strategic Mentoring is a highly individualised form of leadership development for individuals in a change leadership role – and is geared to enabling you to personally produce high quality decisions that define you, your authority and effectiveness. Strategic Mentoring provides a framework of attention and support that focuses on how you use your role and relatedness to the organisation to structure decisions that will have optimum impact on your personal authority and organisational effectiveness. This very sharp focus results in much higher quality vision and decisions.

Strategic Mentoring provides a confidential sounding board, thinking room and support for working through crucial and often complex strategic decisions that will shape your life and future. An opportunity to team up with your own personal mentor and thinking partner, from outside the organisation; and import core capabilities in strategic thinking; cross-functional working; and the development of authority, leadership and learning organisation.

Strategic Mentoring is of special relevance to two primary contexts: individuals pioneering large scale corporate transformation; and former corporate leaders who want to transfer their leadership and organisation development skills into building their own independent practice and associate network. This includes building an independent unitary service via virtual interdisciplinary teams; and across networked organisational boundaries. Involves creating the necessary quality thinking time … essential to taking a step back to reflect; an action that is absolutely essential to strategic thinking.

Denis Roberts comes from a background in organisational psychology. The principles and processes of Strategic Mentoring originate from his research into Authority, Leadership and Organisation with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, as a post-graduate student. Where he combined Human Relations and Organisational Learning approaches, which over the years have since been refined through his practice. He is a trained counsellor and a certified management consultant (CMC) with former IMC. He is also Founder of The Networking Firm, formed together with strategic partners: Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas and Prof. Barry Curnow.

Click Here:  To book a 30-minute strategic mentoring assessment session at no cost.  The purpose of the session will be to discuss your requirements and to enable us to mutually decide whether or not there will be value in our working together.