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Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

Principles. There are two key principles that inform everything we do through The Networking Firm Network:

a)      As individuals, we identify what we love doing most and do best; and commit to building our professional business practice and individual brand around this core.

b)      We also believe in the value of teaming up and working jointly on each other’s business practices in a way that brings out the best in each other.

Role. Peer mentoring is a specific form of mentoring practice designed to deliver a) & b) and is a practice that runs through all our support, training and development events.

Peer mentoring and functions in 3 main capacities:

a) mutual support and development
b) as a means of exploring potential working relationships
c) as a mentoring skills development tool within our mentoring development programmes

Practice. The way that peer mentoring works is on a 3-session cycle (usually at one-weekly intervals and determined by context):

a) Private arrangement between 2 individuals (and without any additional outside support / supervision):

i) Sessions 1 & 2 participants swap mentor / mentee roles

ii) Session 3 is for two individuals to jointly reflect on and process sessions 1 & 2 to elicit learning and mentoring skills development

b) Training event. We work in action learning sets that rotate 3 roles: mentor / mentee / observer; with the role of the observer being one in which the individual learns how to process sessions for the purposes of eliciting learning and mentoring skills development.  Finally, a workshop leader provides an overarching supervisory function and role to “hold” the whole process.

c) Mentoring Club and Supervision Group. To provide continuity and community for workshop participants; together with access to supervision for non-workshop participants.

Mentoring Club. We are particularly interested in teaming up with like-minded people to build a peer mentoring membership club and consider this critical to building a community of mutual support and development for anyone in the process of personal and professional transition and transformation.  For exploratory talks please contact me at enquiries@peermenta.me.uk