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Mentoring for transition

Mentoring for Transiting from Corporate Life to an Independent Practice.  If you are an executive or consultant making the journey from dependent employee to a fully independent practice, Denis will support and guide you through the key milestones on that journey.  His company The Networking Firm is a virtual organisation and learning community; that provides the corporate infrastructure, support and tools for the sole practitioner to combine and collaborate to build their own independent practices; as well as associate networks.


Denis works in sets of six weekly one-hour sessions with a review session on the sixth session.  This provides a flexible and open-ended framework allowing brief; medium; and long-term arrangements.


Video Conference, Telephone and Face-to-Face

Value System:

Integrity, Care, Consideration, Respect

Denis Roberts
is an independent leadership and organisation development consultant who specialises in the above a range of mentoring solutions.  He is founder of The Networking Firm; formed in 1996, together with strategic partners Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas and Professor Barry Curnow. His background is in organisational psychology, which commenced in postgraduate research with the world-renowned Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. He is a trained counsellor and a certified management consultant (CMC) with former IMC.


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